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Generic Software Solutions Developed School Management System. In this software have some features.

Front Desk Management

Front Desk Management module maintenance enquiries and issuances of transfer/character/bona-fide certificates, and generate multiple valuable reports, and manage student details and student reports etc.

Registration Management

School administrators can manage all registrations. From limiting class sizes to automatically creating all parents and students of their statuses, software keeps schools organization efficient with managing information for all students.

Admission Management

Speedily and efficiently execute the complete Admission process for both new and old students; these students are automatically treated differently based on the provided information, along with a facility to print admission cards etc…

Fee Management

Fee Management module automatically calculates the pending fees, late fees, manage advance fees payments, payment details, deduction and concessions, if any applicable to the selected student and allows paying through any mode of payment as cash/cheque by student.

Time Table Management

Only one-time input information about the provision of subjects to the teacher, teacher to the classes and number of lessons for each subject to each class & each section, the system intelligently generates the most probable combination of the time table and allocation of the time table for the session.

Students Attendance Management

Student attendance details act as a tool to identify irregularities in the academic interests of the students. The same can be used to assess the student and give individual attention to the causes of repetitive or long absences and mark attendance.

Staff Attendance Management

Staff Attendance Management modules cover up Manages daily attendance with features like capturing photo of employees for authentication. Date wise Present/Absenteeism/Late coming records also maintained.

Examination Management

Examination module cover up planning, execution, maintenance and monitoring evolution. It allow you to observe progresses at different levels for various amalgamation of subjects, examinations and year's for single/all students as well as class/section presentation.

Stock Management

The inventory module deals with all sundry purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability. This module is crammed with a number of features like generation of requisitions, covering main store and sub-stores, generation of purchase orders.

Transport Management

This module features bus stop & route provision to student/staff, number of students on each stop/route number of stops on each route with area map, manage pickup and dropout timily maintenance schedule and vehicle requisition for various occasions.

Accounts Management

The Accounts Management is a complete accounting package in itself. This module features options for daily requirements, ranging from day books, general ledger, manage opening and closing balance and billing etc.

Library Management

The Library Management addresses all library needs and measures. It provides for issuance and return of books from students as well as staff, managing reservation for books, use of rule master for book groups, generate and maintain book catalogues.

Communication System

Send Alerts and reminder via SMS to parents and teachers along with students on their birthdays, about fee status, PTM, Holidays, Home work, Absence, and other information required. Communication played a vital role in the economic growth of our nation.

MIS Reports

The Report module is a fundamental module of Campus Simulator which generates numerous reports that includes fee details, student registrations, student admissions and many more. All modules and the desired reports can be generates according to the required users.

School Website Integration

Generic understand the real need of a website. The credibility factors of the schools lies on various factors and that has to placed well for creating values in the market. We undersatand the school arena very well and happy to meet on every front.

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